Online gambling games currently dominate the gambling world. Many say that a new era of gambling has arrived. It is an era where gambling is no longer done in ancient and traditional ways. But rather using a more modern and sophisticated way. Both technically and in terms of rules, the game is more diverse. The glitter of today’s gambling world indeed seems so special and exciting. But have you ever thought or wanted to find out about how the beginning of online gambling games exists? Of course, the existence of online gambling is not necessarily a coincidence or sudden occurrence. But through the process of creation and adaptation of changes from gambling games in the old era to new gambling online games and more fresh. Here we will discuss it in more detail.

The Beginning of Online Gambling

The beginning of the emergence of online gambling is said to originate from the beginning of the emergence of the internet itself. At the beginning of the internet, many people are aggressively creating various kinds of blogs and social media. Until then came the idea to make a game that can be played online. Enable users to clash with each other and play together over long distances. Until then many sophisticated online gaming games have sprung up on various sites, social media, and applications. From here then began to develop more betting-based games. Where a player does not just play games but can also bet like you are playing in the realm of conventional gambling that has been widely played. From there then online gambling sites began to appear.

The transition of Conventional Gambling to Online Gambling

The transition from conventional gambling to online gambling is arguably quite smooth. Because in fact, the internet and the online world have become an advanced technological sophistication that is needed by all parties. The obstacle may be at the beginning of the emergence of online gambling itself, not many people who follow. Because indeed internet access at that time was still quite limited. But since the internet and the online world have become a common consumption and primary need of many people. Be this online gambling game fast and easy to develop. It did not take long to make many people consider online gambling to be their main need. And began to abandon conventional gambling games which were considered to be no longer in line.

Online gambling in Indonesia

Online gambling games in Indonesia itself is developing so fast. You don’t need a lot of adaptation processes. And now you can see for yourself how the enthusiasm of gambling players to play in the realm of online gambling. Maybe they have more or less the following reasons:

  1. The game of land gambling or conventional gambling is indeed starting to recede and disappear. This is due to the many legal rules regarding gambling since the 2000s.
  2. The realm of gambling in Indonesia had suffered near-death during that era. Which caused gambling fans began to have difficulty finding land for their playground.
  3. The number of offline bookies is getting smaller and usually. They only spread the gambling market in a limited circle.
  4. The emergence of online gambling is considered to be a breath of fresh air because it feels much safer. Because the interactions that occur are in the realm of cyberspace. So that it does not experience strict supervision
  5. The internet has become a mandatory consumption for everyone. Make it easy for anyone to access online gambling sites. Players feel again made easier to enjoy an exciting gambling game.

Advantages of Conventional Gambling

Although it seems that online gambling games look perfect, and are very relevant to the times. So it seems that there are no obstacles at all in the form of the transition from land gambling to online gambling. But that does not mean online gambling has everything in the realm of land gambling. After all conventional gambling still has its own advantages. That you will never be able to get in the realm of online gambling until now. More or less as follows:

  • The sensation of playing gambling in person, meeting other players, holding gambling cards and coin chips in real. Only you can find it in conventional gambling.
  • Fair play is more guaranteed in the world of land gambling because you can monitor the game directly.